Before I go

This year my cycling challenge returns to an end to end of Britain, this time from John O’Groats to Lands End, the opposite to what I achieved in 2014 and somewhat similar to the extremes of Britain that I cycled in 2019. I would much rather have explored further afield, but Covid restrictions make travelling beyond these shores something of a lottery so my journey through Germany from Berlin will have to wait awhile longer. I shall be covering some familiar ground but the majority will be new and, for the first time, I shall have a small electric motor to help me over the steep climbs. The Boardman ADV 8.9e is a pedelec cycle which, legally, is the same as a pedal bike. You have to keep pedalling at all times, but you get various levels of motor assistance up to 15.5 mph when the motor cuts out automatically and you then keep pedalling as fast as you are able. The whole thing is pretty seamless and I shall only be using the motor on the steep slopes, preserving the battery for the times that I most need it. It should make the journey more enjoyable and allow me to appreciate the scenery. I’ll be blogging daily from 17th August when I set off to catch the sleeper from Euston to Inverness, starting the JOGLE on 18th and, all being well, finishing at Lands End on 1st September.

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